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Net420 Radio

Screw the Mainstream! Warp Speed Ahead!

Net420 Radio may or may NOT exist. Certainly, "Pirate Radio" exists, and Net420 Radio exists, but nobody knows for certain whether the two exist as one. What IS known is that Net420 Radio is real, and exists to propogate the "Net420 Effect".

Scientists have long suspected that there was an incidental link between Hyperactive Regualtory Beaurocracy and the advent of sudden Evolutionary changes in humankind as a whole.

Extensive work here at the Net420 Research Institute has revealed that not only is there an INCIDENTAL link, but a CAUSAL link. Hyperactive Regulatory Beaurocracy, or "Herby", actually brings about these sudden Evolutionary responses!

We call this phenomenon the Net420 Effect.

Guitar Wielding Bipeds at Al Barlow's Terlingua Music Festival, 1999.

The individuals you see in the image to the left are experiencing the Net420 Effect.

The careful observer can tell by the highly stylized body english and intense facial expressions that these persons have reached a state of both physical and spiritual transcendence, an euphoric state of perfect being. It is called Perfect Net420.

These are but a few of the outwardly visible signs of the Net420 Effect.