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Welcome to Net420!

Net420 is your gateway into the world of cutting-edge Pirate Radio, WebRadio, Indie Music, and Virtual Religion.

Welcome, then, to a place where the constraints of Mainstream Normalcy are cast aside; there are no Drones here! Come on in, take off your head, and open your mind to Tomorrow's media, now.

Join the Family of Others, LIVE, in the Net420 Cathedral, and groove with His Redundant Holyness, Maharishi Mahesh Klyph, in pursuit of Perfect Net420. LIVE, REALTIME AUDIO from the Net420 Cathedral. All you need is your head!

Here's some of what we have to offer:

* News and Information about Tollie Records, the San Marcos, Texas based indie record label, and links to that and other indie-related Sites.

* Enticing images culled from our vast library of very cool happenings here at Net420 Headquarters; House Concerts, new broadcasting equipment acquisitions, scantily clad lads and lasses parading about...that sort of thing.

* And coming soon, Free Radio Avalon, 105.7fm, live from Studio-B at Net420 Radio, in San Marcos, Texas. Free Radio Avalon, the Voice of Indie Music for Central Texas, featuring the work of independant musicians around the globe!


Attention Pirate Radio Officionados!

Actively support the Pirate Radio Movement! Make lots of noise about it, on the air and over the Internet. Contact Firetalk at for their free software, and think about the possibilities for WebRadio. Think about the possibliities for your station.

click the pic to visit Tollie Records

Join the Family in NET420 CATHEDRAL!

Join Reverend Blue, Sister Sixx, and the Family of Others, in THE NET420 CATHEDRAL for LIVE AUDIO REVIVALS! Nothing is serious in the Net420 Cathedral, everyone's just having fun! Brighten up your days in pursuit of Perfect Net420 with Reverend Blue and Sister Sixx, on Firetalk!

Download Firetalk Now!

Use Firetalk to chat in the Net420 Cathedral, in any of hundreds of other Firetalk Forums with any other Firetalk Member, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD...FREE. This is for real; I've checked it out. The download takes about 20 minutes, including setup. After that, you're ready to go!

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