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Join the Net420 Family!

We here at Net420 Headquarters welcome you, and encourage you to join with millions of Others, Radiant in the Light of Guru Klyph. Experience the Bliss of Perfect Net420, at home or in your office, 24 hours a day! Smile...nobody's watching!

Join the Net420 Family now! Click below.

Make me One with the Others in Klyph!

Joining the Net420 Family is cool, but joining the Family and getting an Official Net420 Authentic Certificate of Being, signed by His Redundant Holyness, Maharishi Mahesh Klyph, is even COOLER! Read on!

The Magic Pinata!

Net420 Family Members, Klyphmass Day

Net420 Authentic Certificate of Being

For a nominal offering, you too can become a "Certified Member" of the Net420 Family, Radiant in the Light of His Redundant Holyness, Klyph. That's right! Send a SASE to the address below, along with your "Nominal Offering", and you'll receive your very own Authentic Certificate of Being, proof for anyone to see that you are truly One with the Others in the Net420 Family! Act now!

Become One with the Others!

Send an SASE, along with your "Nominal Offering", to:

350 N.Guadalupe
Suite 140, #113
San Marcos, TX 78666

Please be sure to include a note specifying the name of the Net420 Family Member to receive the Certificate of Being.

Authentic Net420 Certificates of Being make great gifts, too!

("Nominal Offerings" are NOT tax deductable.)