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Net420 Archives

Here's where you'll find archived Photos, Stories, and other useful Information from Net420

Net420 Family Pictures


In order to acheive Perfect Net420, Certified Family Members engage in lots of one-on-one physical contact. We call this ritual "Hugging". In this photo,(right) you see two of the Others doing this. Notice the enraptured facial expression of the individual on the left. This is known as "Net420 Face". It is common amongst our members.

"Two More, Please!"

Another benefit of achieving Perfect Net420 is seen in the photo at left. These Members have learned to spontaneously materialize wherever there is free-flowing water! (Notice that their bodies have cleared the surface of the stream; only their feet have yet to form completely.) The Member to the rear is giving the Net420 Hand-talk greeting, "Two more, please!"

Holy Mother Sandy

This is Holy Mother Sandy, House Concert Hostess, and Keeper of the Eternal Bliss. She is one of the Few Among Us who has been Revealed. Holy Mother Sandy is forever in a state of Effortless Perfect Net420, and an inspiration to us all!