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We here at the Net420 Research Institute adhere religiously to the methods and rules of personal hygene taught to us by our Master, His Divine Holyness, Maharishi Mahesh Klyph.
The following is a brief excerpt from a rare Audience with His Most Redundant Holyness.

"In rejecting Herby, in removing from our Spirits the odour of Herby-ness, we open ourselves to Infinite Possibilities for Olfactory Bliss"
The Green Bible, Scott 7:14

Pilgrim: Where do you get your ideas?

Klyph: I try to draw my ideas from real life as much as possible, such as things I notice on the street or conversations I overhear.

Pilgrim: What has the response been to your most recent revelation?

Klyph: People have been very disturbed by it. Death threats, mostly. I feel this is a good thing. Herby-ness is empty-ness....Have you seen my car keys? What?

His Redundant Holyness, Klyph

Our Master, Guru Maharishi Mahesh Klyph.