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The lawsuit filed in Federal Court, San Antonio, on behalf of CANYON LAKE RADIO of Canyon Lake, Texas, and MICRO KIND RADIO, San Marcos, Texas on July 2, 1999 is finally moving ahead! The Honorable JUDGE FRED BIERY has ordered the parties to appear before him on SEPTEMBER 29, 2000 to discuss matters of compliance with an injunction against MICRO KIND RADIO to cease broadcast. Other issues will be addressed, to be sure. We'll keep you updated right here regarding this and any further developments.

Net420 WebRadio

How to get there and what to expect.

"A mysterious tale told in the first person by a young man who suffers from Tourette's Syndrome. SHI*!! The mystery plot itself is stretched a little thin, but this is a real tour de force by a writer eating a watch. ASSH*LE!!"
- His Holyness, Klyph.

This is a Purple Box

Net420 WebRadio
Not for Society's Drones

"One of the sweetest and funniest movements of the New Millennium. Some people didn't like the message, but I found it fascinating and charming in a squirmy sort of way. Also one of the best and least contrived Happiness Gurus I've seen in a Studio recently. Guru Klyph is great!"
- Pilgrim Nancy X


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Hard-hitting, no-holds-barred radio direct to you from the other side of the Big Pond. Andy and his coven of "Freaks and Lesbos" present a perspective on Pop Culture you're not likely to hear over the airwaves anywhere else...or probably, for that matter, CARE to hear.

Tune in, just the same. Guru Klyph wishes it.